Healthy Chocolate Granola

whole grain gluten free alternatives

Recently I got myself a little self care package of exciting foods to cook with. I ordered buckwheat having absolutely no clue what it was other than that it had high levels of magnesium.

Yesterday morning I tried it for the first time as ‘porridge’. It wasn’t porridge! Buckwheat kind of has the texture of brown rice when cooked and smells like sesame seeds. It was not what I expected in my breakfast foods and neither Luther nor I could get through our bowl.

Not to be disheartened I went on a search through the great expanse of the internet that is food blogs. I found two recipes that sounded tasty, easy, and most importantly like breakfast foods. (Well, that is a lie cause one of them is chocolatey goodness which I’ve been eating as a dessert but shhh).

The one I haven’t tried yet is Deliciously Ella’s raw buckwheat porridge. But anything that requires little effort in the morning is already a star in my books. I am so not a morning person.

The one I have tried is from My New Roots and I may have spent a few hours reading all of her posts ever last night…

This is Sarah’s Chunky Chocolate Buckwheat Granola.

buckwheat cereal

buckwheat breakfast

dessert breakfast granola

buckwheat granola buckwheat cereal

It is soooo good! And it uses buckwheat!! I made a half batch as there are only two of us in my little household and didn’t use any hazelnuts or coconut sugar. It was still sweet enough for me.

The dark chocolate flavour is perfect for satiating any chocolate cravings you might get and it is satisfyingly crunchy.

I am very much looking forward to trying to use my buckwheat in more granola variations.

Click here for the recipe.

xo Isabel

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