Roulette Cupcakes

I’m not much of a gambler. I tried poker a couple of times and lost miserably! Any time I thought I had a good hand I would just get this uncontrollable grin. I think I need to take some cues from Lady Gaga.

I’ve been thinking about gambling because I made some cupcakes for a gambling enthusiasts birthday.

I decided on Roulette cupcakes!

casino cupcakes

colouring black icing

casino cakes

harley quinn cupcakes


Start with a tasty set of cupcakes (I made white chocolate and blueberry  cupcakes).

1. Roll out fondant about a ¼ inch thick and cut out numbers with some number cookie cutters. Leave to dry out a bit.

2. Mix together a little vodka with some edible silver glitter (don’t worry you won’t taste it!) Paint the numbers with the edible glitter paint you just created and leave to dry.

3. Make a very small batch of vanilla buttercream and use gel food colouring to colour it bright leaf green.

4. Make a batch of chocolate buttercream and colour black (I recommend Americolors Super Black).

5. Make a batch of raspberry buttercream and use gel food colouring to make it a dark strawberry red colour. (Make raspberry buttercream by taking normal buttercream and adding crushed raspberries and some extra icing sugar.)

6. Pipe little mounds on each cupcake with a closed star tip (Wilton 2D tip) and press the fondant numbers into the side of each cupcake. Have a picture next to you as reference to make sure you get the right numbers on the right colour cupcakes.

7. Box up and give to the lucky birthday person.


xo Isabel

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